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Creatively oriented. Process driven. Results focused.

Word of mouth is how it all started. The reputation I gained from one successful marketing campaign made me a star. Since then I found word of mouth to be the best form of marketing there is. So if you've made it to this site, you must have already heard something pretty cool about us. And yes, it's true.

I'm Keisha Salmon: a marketing strategist with over ten years of experience in strategic counsel for the marketing and communication efforts in a wide range of projects. While word of mouth works for me, others might prefer the active brag or the creative forge (otherwise known as marketing and public relations) in all its many forms. This is why I created Evadne Studio.

Through Evadne I can build on my practice, developing effective tactical plans for external and internal marketing campaigns. Along with my team, we work to ensure that all communication efforts are aligned with each company's mission and objectives. We keep our ears to the streets bringing creativity, efficiency and predictability to the process of digital innovation for each client.

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Our Strategic Process

Our time-tested strategic process starts with a dive into your industry and continues with an in-depth marketing communications roadmap. We continually assess our efforts to make sure we're fulfilling your goals. We employ a disciplined and collaborative approach that is driven by the voice of your customer to develop integrated marketing programs that deliver results.

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    Getting the right answers begins with asking the right questions. While there is no pre-determined process for creativity, excellent work is born from a true understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. From comprehensive digital and brand assessments to market research, competitor analysis and analytical reports, our in-depth strategy process means no stone is unturned and every opportunity is explored.

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    Great work doesn’t just “happen,`` it’s born out of inspiration, trust and collaboration. We’re renown for our readiness to explore; to break; to experiment and then put it all back together. Doing this sets the bar for a direction that is blindingly crystal clear and most importantly, applicable to you.

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    The launch of a project is just the start and while it might be risky to admit it - we’re big believers that our work is never done. Reinforcing our commitment to partnerships, we believe there’s always room for improvement. The technology phase focuses on iterative and continuous improvements powered by real world data, feedback and performance.